Happy Lunar New Year

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Its that time of the year again where all chinese around the world gather to celebrate in unity to the start of a brand new year.

To everyone (Chinese or non-Chinese), a happy prosperous and fruitful year ahead

Backlog photos from my Harbin trip a year ago and the more recent trip to Egypt

Its been awhile

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Apologize for not updating the blog. Just recently return from a 18 days trip from Japan and still processing the photos.

No new updates so far, have not done any photography lately as well.

will be a few more days before I post the photos from my trip.

till then, cheers

Primed but still alot of works to do :(

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Been rushing to finish up priming. During the weekend, I prep the model, sanding, re-scribing the lines. Only after priming did I find more flaws and areas to redo.

A quick check on the parts when I first start found 3 missing parts, namely 2 types of wiring and most importantly, both eye piece was the same side. That means I can’t continue with the model till the replacement arrives.. hopefully

Also intend not to use pure white but either off white or a light gray in replace to the white areas for the model. 2 reasons for the decision, firstly, white gets dirty easily and secondly, mistakes are more forgive-able on non white surface.

I extended the fins, failed with the V fins though and I think I over-sanded the damn thing.

Also think the base is kind of boring, so I’m going to get a better looking one. Maybe custom a wooden one with a engraving of the Gundam, would be nice..

* personal note*

1) Take advice from the Internet with a pinch of salt. The recommendation of using 7:3 ratio for the resin primer wasn’t the best advice I took. End up having to extract some resin primer from a can I bought yesterday at Hobbypoint. I think 1:2 ratio between primer and thinner would be more ideal.

New Mecha project

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Not much to update the blog, been lazing around since May. But now planning for our next trip to Hokkaido in May 2010 :YIPEE:. Still no news on my legal case, hopefully everything can be done by early 2010.

Since the completion of the Sinanju in August, I have not seriously done much modeling, although, there is a new compressor.

Last week, I bought 2 resin from SMS, the freedom head display and the conversion for the Hi-Nu, which I’m looking forward to do. But to make things easy and to complete before xmas, I decide on the head display instead and my first head display :JUMP for JOY:. The freedom head should be the cheapest among all the head display available from SMS

You get the water transfer decal + photography of the finished model. One thing missing is a picture/illustration of where each decal goes. That I shall figure myself.

this is a rough review of the package and its inside

2 individually sealed bags for all the parts, this one came with LED as well.

Photocopy of the instructional manual

Layout to check for missing parts

and some closeup of the parts

Overall, the kit looks clean but there are some areas which requires cleaning up, the edges of the V fin had rough edges. There are areas that I need to re-scribe some of the details, but generally, the major details are clean but not with some of the panel lines. I have washed the parts with magic clean solution to remove grease with the help of a used toothbrush. Will do sanding tonight and hopefully prime to go by the end of this weekend. Continue reading

Plastic surgery for me?

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Visited my Orthopedic surgeon this morning for my follow up, was zapped 5 times this time round instead of the usual 2. From the x-ray, things looks good, the screws were still in the same position comparing to the X-ray taken in 07. His understudy almost scare the wits out of me when he commented that there were halo effects around the screws which indicates that it could be loose… *phew*, luckily my surgeon thought otherwise and corrected his understudy.

Then he asked me how was I doing and my usual reply is the usual complaints of backaches and spasm from my lower back. But strangely, he also asked me about the hernia on my tummy and the funny thing was, he asked me how was the follow up, I was “huh, what follow up”, the day I left the hospital, no one including the senior consultant asked nor arrange for a follow up and I also gave feedback that I had problems with chili…. so strange… in the end, he recommend I go see a plastic surgeon about my hernia, I also gave my lawyer a call to consult him on the matter, in case, it might complicate the matter. So this friday I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon, maybe see how things goes and decide where and when to get it fix.

I’m back

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Finally decide to drag my lumpy self out of bed and go for a shoot at SF, lesson learnt from this trip, “always apply suntan lotion evenly, otherwise you get burn marks at areas you forgotten to apply lotion on”

From the last pix entry, it has been almost 9 months I have not gone shooting. Not entirely due to my health, but mostly because of the school work I have, plus my dissertation to complete. Since this is my last semester and I got only 2 modules left, having submitted my draft for my dissertation and just completed the Integrated project just last week. I felt most of the burden lifted off my shoulders, with school days counting down.. I will officially be back after 9th May, my classmates and I are planning for a trip to somewhere (details not finalised since we still decide where to go)

Surprisely, the hike to SF wasn’t that bad, with much proning and stuff, I’m surprised, I didn’t suffer any back aches from the trip… very positive sign. I have an appointment with my orthopedic next monday to check on the implant.

Been out of action for 9 months, I found myself struggling. Skill level dropped drastically and hoping with more practice, I should be back on line… pix time!

An update

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Been almost a year now since I posted and more than half a year since I chase after butterflies. I have been busy with my final phase , dissertation is really a killer when I took a month to complete the draft. I will be back in due time…. some time in May.

Some catching up to do

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I know I have not updated my blog for quite a while, reason? plain lazy :), some updates, my legal suit is still pending for the report from JB (probably waited for more than a year, can’t imagine what those jokers are doing). Next Tue marks 3 years after the accident, time really flies, even although you not enjoying it 😦

As for my studies, results are out last week and again, grades wasn’t fanastic but then it wasn’t bad. And again, it is another all Bs sems. But most importantly, my CAP score didn’t take a dive but all hopes for a lower 2nd is quite a wishful hope, especially when I don’t make much effort to begin with. One more year to go and I’m done…. blame myself for not studying when I was young and now, so much catching up to do… haiz. Come to think of it, I probably spend more time taking part time studies than full time, but at least I try :). My plans after my Ba? was thinking of settling down, my bio-clock have been ticking toward it anyway.

Some of you probably don’t realised it, but I have upgraded my DSLR to the 40D, have been trying to get some photography done during the holidays, hopefully i wouldn’t disappoint anyone (anyhow my blog isn’t popular… so this is where I bitched about my life :LOL:)

Recently I read about feedbacks on the local paper, complaints after complaints… then it came to me, singaporeans are complain-ers.. we do nothing but complain, we bitched about the raising cost of life style, bad customer service and even returning of trays… haiz, what is world coming to… basically everything under the sun, but that is all we do, we complain and do nothing about it. Are we so timid to stand out and do something about it? If you ask me, I think we deserved it… if you don’t like it here in Singapore, just jolly well migrate else where, what is the point about complaining. No one will hear you and if you think writing it in the papers will help, think again! so stop the bitching and do something about it or are singaporeans too weak?

ok, time for more photos 🙂

Strange thoughts

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Recently, there have been many newspaper articles on motor vehicular accidents and reports about accident related articles. Just 2 weeks back, a family of 5 went on a road trip in Malaysia, got into an accident killing all but a baby girl when they car crashed into 2 trees. Today in the Sunday Times, there was an article on survivors of car accidents. Which made me wondering and pondering about my accident 2 years back in June 2006. Was I lucky to have escape death because I worn the safety belt? or rather everyone in the car worn safety belt and everyone came out with little or no injuries. So then, can I really consider myself lucky?

Sometimes I do wish none of this have happened but having reminded by my mom at times about how lucky I was to escape death and what the lead consultant in the hospital told her that I was very lucky to have survived from a fatal internal injury and a broken back. I’m very grateful to be alive today, minus the injuries I have accumulated from the accident. Able to still lead an almost normal life than those unfortunated people featured in Sunday Times today. But memories still clings to my everyday life, sometimes my mind will wander off and thoughts of the accident will pop out of no where. This is considered aftermath trauma?

Each time I read about an accident, my memories starts jogging again. That is one of the reasons why I hardly read the papers these days. Having my legal suit prolong till today doesn’t help me abit, it only made me think about it each time my court hearing starts and the many evaluative tests I have to go through.

Maybe I’m just being silly, I’m still almost healthy as before, having great friends and family around me and supporting me. Drown with work and school can be a good thing sometimes 🙂

Thanks for reading my blabbering once again. Hope I do not have the sudden urge to composing such post again.

Ethics in photography?

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Recently I was quite disturbed with the fact that photographers I knew were manipulating their photos, I don’t mean the usual cloning nor cropping but something more serious like blurring out the background to give a better bokeh.

I cannot understand the need nor do I really approve of such doing. Nature photography or rather outdoor photography does come with certain setbacks, a perfect shot in the field isn’t uncommon. Some might think that shooting in digital has it’s advantages and I have to agree. We save on having to developed the films after each outing, recompose shots for better composition. But is it also the demise of digital photography? We strive for the perfect shot everytime we go into the field. Is it then justified then we should take the opportunity to turn a bad shot to a better photo? Should we feel proud of it in the first place? What is the value then?

I believe many will not think twice about since issues, many will give the “what’s the problem in trying to beautified the photo” But sometimes, if I would look at a photo and thinks it was a god damn good one, and if it turns out the photo was doctored, it really takes away the respect.